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These testimonials represent patients' responses and reactions to the procedures. All patients undergoing procedures must be evaluated by a physician to determine the appropriateness of the treatments or procedures, as well as discussing associated benefits, risk, or complications.

"I wanted to share my sentiments with others considering selecting this office for their medical needs since the treatment of my various spine and other orthopedic medical concerns have been addressed so effectively and comprehensively at this office. The care and attention that is provided by Dr. Beatrice and other staff members have enabled me to live a pain-free and healthy life along with a regime of exercise (many of which were recommended by this office) and eating healthfully."

The key to their success is the ability to understand the patients’ needs and address them at every level through the wide scope of services they provide which include but are not limited to: the professionalism and dedication of each member of the staff that it is evident throughout the appointment, the availability to see their patients in a timely fashion, and courteous and helpful staff interaction with the doctors and all others on the team (Office Manager, Certified Medical Assistant, Massage Therapist, as well as all insurance and office relations matters).

I have a spinal disc/other related medical issues which are kept in check through periodic chiropractic manipulation, muscle stimulation, and massage therapy treatments. Recently, I had an “attack” where the disc herniated and was causing severe pain which immobilized me. I had important family vacation plans in the near future that I wanted to attend and with the helpful guidance, expertise, and treatment of both Dr. Beatrice and Dr. Kantha I was able to do so. I was diagnosed and treated starting with an X-ray and MRI to pinpoint the location and severity of the disc problem. The followup treatment recommendations were made which included: adjustments, muscle stim, pain-management injections, hot and cold compresses, some muscle and steroid medication, and ultimately an epidural injection from Dr. Kantha to that area. I am now totally pain free.

I would highly recommend anyone seeking a multi-dimensional approach to any musculo-skeletal medical issues to access their website for the large range of services they provide. I am extremely pleased with the care and treatment that I have received through this office.

JED, Former Director of Training & Development, Merck & Co., Inc. Bridgewater

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire staff for everything they've done, and continue to do, for me and my mother. I've been to physical therapy more than six times and have never had as good of an experience as I have had since I found your office. Everyone there, starting from Teresa (who is so wonderful!) to Kaleigh and Lisa and both of the physical therapists, have treated both of us so well ever since we walked in there a few months ago. I didn't expect to get a whole lot of function back in my neck - my past attempts at physical therapy have never been very productive - but now I am getting better, as seen in my recent re-evaluation. I feel so very welcome at the office and so comfortable there, and so well taken care of. My mother has also seen a drastic improvement in her pain levels, which is directly tied to her physical therapy. We were both afraid that no one would be able to get her pain under control, and have been happily surprised to see that someone finally figured it out!"

"Also, I have started personal training with Kaleigh and absolutely love it. I've never been one to enjoy physical activity, and since my chronic low back pain started eight years ago, have thought that I couldn't exercise without causing serious pain, but my appointments with Kaleigh have proven me wrong. She works very hard to make sure that I don't injure myself or irritate my back any further. Since I started with her more than a month ago, my back has actually been feeling better than it has in years. Plus, she is just fun to work with. She makes my workouts enjoyable and makes me want to come back next week. Through my training sessions, I have proven to myself that I can work out and that I can do many things that I thought I'd never be able to do."

"I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful staff for everything. I thank everyone regularly, but I wanted to be sure to put it in writing. It has been a blessing to have found the office and I have recommended you to anyone who mentions they're looking for physical therapy. Thank you for all that you do for both of us and for all of your patients."
Erin Rose

"I had been in pain for 6 months, the last 3 were so severe that I was only able to sleep for 2 to 3 hours before the pain would wake me up. I was in pain whether sitting, standing, or lying down. I had been to my family doctor, physical therapy, had an MRI, and to a neurosurgeon for consult who told me to come back in 2 months if I still had pain. The first physical therapist only made the pain worse. I did not like taking all of the pain medicine, both prescription and over the counter, that I was told to take."

I called Total Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine and came in for a consultation. I was examined, tested, and diagnosed, and the treatment was explained to me in detail. Spinal injections were administered, and the pain was diminished almost immediately by more than 70%. I then continued at Total Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine for physical therapy and strengthening exercises to prevent further injury. I am no longer on pain medications, I can sleep the entire night, and I have gotten my "life as I knew it" back.

The staff at Total Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine are caring, knowledgeable, professional and friendly and I have told my friends how great my experience was and they can see how great I now feel, and that I can do all the activities that I formerly was able to do - Pain Free!

Thank-you Total Rehabilitation for giving me back my pain free life!
J.M., Retired School Teacher
Bridgewater, NJ

"Since having two discs rupture in my lower back 5 years ago, I have lived in constant pain with little or no relief. I visited a pain doctor then, who treated me very crassly, telling me that my pain could not be that bad. For the next 4 years, I saw no one and muddled through the best I could, never feeling well and with limited mobility."

"Since seeing Dr. Beatrice a year ago, I have felt nothing but compassion, from both he and all of the staff at Total Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine. I have definitely seen improvement with the therapies provided. Dr. Kantha was a great help during a recent flare-up and was able to provide me with relief which allowed me to attend a family event that I thought I may have to miss. The office staff always helps with appointments and is always there when you need them. I am ever so grateful."
Beverly S.
Somerset County, NJ

"Since my car accident in 2001 I have seen five different doctors, been through months of physical therapy, and have taken many prescription and OTC drugs with little to no help. Since starting care with Dr. Beatrice, I have experienced better health in more ways than I imagined. My asthma and allergies are better. I have fewer headaches and my digestive system works better. But I'm most excited about the improvement in my neck and low back. Dr. Beatrice is truly a man of integrity!"
Donna, Bridgewater, NJ

"The epidurals were helpful and I recommend them to anyone with back problems. Thank you for giving me my life back."
Jarret F.
Raritan, NJ

"Since I have been under Dr. Beatrice's care, I have never felt so healthy. I am very proud of my new posture and it shows."
Carrie, Insurance Underwriter

"I have had low back pain on and off since I was a kid. Physical therapy was no help and medication upset my stomach. I was referred to Dr. Beatrice by a friend and his technique has since corrected my problem. I am pain free and I enjoy playing sports again."
Scott, Corrections Officer

"I had the opportunity to utilize the services of Dr. Kantha (Pain Management), Dr. Beatrice (Chiropractor) and Dr. Burns (Physical Therapy). In addition to an extremely knowledgeable and caring staff, the TRSM Doctors coordinated my care to ensure all of my concerns were addressed, all under one roof. I highly recommend this team.”
Kathy O - Bridgewater, New Jersey